Frequently Asked Question FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.    What services do you provide?


We provide various services such as shuttle services, advertisement services, news forums, sports bars, copying centers, etc. Our services help people in marketing their businesses through posting advertisements, enlarging their scope of contacts by participating in various discussion forums and easy transportation through different places by using our shuttle service.


  1. 2.    Can I post advertisements for free on your website?


There are different categories of advertisements. You can post featured advertisements as well as free advertisements on the website. The free advertisements would be posted on the website for 2 weeks. However, you will have to subscribe to post featured advertisements. You may contact us at to know more about posting of advertisements on our website.


  1. 3.    Can I participate in the discussion forum or communication forum without registration?


You will have to register on our website in order to access all our services, including, participation in any of the discussions or interaction with other users. The registration process requires certain personal information from you which would be kept confidential by us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for confidentiality of your personal information.


  1. 4.    What are the criteria to post write ups in news forums and educational category?


We will need volunteers who are willing to post write ups in news forums. We will choose few volunteers from among those who communicate their intention to write in the news forum of our website. Our selection will be based on their qualification and experience.


Further, we will select highly qualified professors who would post discussion topics and create a forum for discussion on the website. The people in the similar field are welcome to participate in the discussions by posting comments. However, only selected people will be allowed to initiate any discussion.


Anybody from any part of the world can apply for being a volunteer. People interested in being volunteers may write to us or submit us their resume at


  1. 5.    How do I book any service on


You can book any service on our site by clicking on the intended service icon. You will be guided step by step for completing the booking or reservation. Additionally, you may contact us at with any queries you may have regarding booking or reserving a service on our website.  Further, people intending to book shuttle services in San Francisco and Bay area may opt for either online booking or phone booking through our dispatchers who can be reached at _____.[NB1] 


  1. 6.    How do I cancel any booking made in respect of any of the services?


For shuttle services booked online, the cancellation will have to be done online. On the other hand, the bookings made through telephone in San Francisco or Bay area can be cancelled by making a phone call. You may  cancel the booking prior to the receipt of confirmation call which would be 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of your pick up in order to receive full refund of the booking amount. However, if you cancel the booking after receipt of confirmation call you will not be entitled to any refund.


With regard to advertisement services, you may opt to cancel the service at any time. In case any subscription amount is already paid, the same shall not be refunded to you upon cancellation.


  1. 7.    How do I make payments?


All payments will have to be made in USD only. We do not accept any payments in any other currency. Payments can be made online through credit card / debit card / net banking. Your payment information will be kept confidential by us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for assuring confidentiality of your payment details. For shuttle services operating in San Francisco and Bay area you can pay for the service in cash if you wish.


  1. 8.    How accurate are your services?


We have been successfully running shuttle service since few years. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we put in all our best efforts to satisfy our customers. We carefully choose qualified and experienced people to write in our news forum and other categories. We also monitor the interaction between people on communication forums. However, with regard to the advertisements posted on our website, we sell advertisement space to our customers on subscription basis. We do not undertake any responsibility regarding the accuracy of advertisements.  We recommend you to determine the accuracy of the advertisements prior to entering into any deal in respect of them.


  1. 9.    What should I do if I am not satisfied with your service?


Any issue leading to non-satisfactory of service will have to be brought to our notice within 15 days of availing our service. You can write to us at in detail regarding your concerns making the service non-satisfactory. We will evaluate your concerns in view of our policies and will reply to your email within 7 days of receipt of the same. We will provide full refund of the amount paid for the service if your concerns are determined as genuine by us upon evaluation.


  1. 10.              Why should I use your website to post advertisements?


We are established all over the world that shows our network. Our network is fully dedicated at your service and all the services are maintained and looked after by our dedicated customer care center. We promise a good value for your money. We have many visitors everyday visiting our site. We are expecting the site traffic to increase in the forthcoming days. Hence, the chance of your advertisement being known and recognized is higher by advertising on our site.


Further, you can post images, logos, content, etc. of your choice pertaining to your business, ideas, concepts, etc. You can even link the image or logo posted to your website. However, you will have to assure that the content posted is not illegal, offensive or obscene.


  1. 11.              Can I rate your services or leave a feed back on your site?


Yes, upon completion of any service we will send you an email asking for your feedback and also provide you opportunity to rate our service. You can reply to the said email and leave your valuable feedback and rating.






 [NB1]Please include your phone number here.

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